Services – How do we help you?


Need help with the Usability of your website? Look what we do!

Social Media

Does Social Media take to much time? Let us help you!

Market knowledge

Do you need help with the Belgian market? We have done this before!


For the Usability part we are working in different phases.
Phase 1 is the general review of your website.
It is vital that a website satisfies customer expectations for engaging,
high-quality content and functionality that make e-commerce simple.
We look at all the different aspects of your website, all your products, your
checkout,... to reach this goal. .
Maybe some info is obsolete or not clear enough for the customer. Are all the links
working? Are all the pictures loaded and do they obtain the quality norms?
Your website will be submitted to different parties, looking at it from different
perspectives, in order to improve even more.

Phase 2 will be more about looking at the numbers behind the website. Where do you
have a big bounce rate?  Where are you missing extra sales? Where lies the
customer's interest mostly? ...
To get more information about our usability process don't hesitate to contact us.

Social media

Social Media is today a powerful method for organizations to reach a target market,
many social platforms have integrated methods to help businesses reach their
But social media takes time, you have to have a good and complete plan of how you
are going to use your social media and what sites you will activate.
We can help you, developing a good social media strategy, improving the response
time and a great new way to contact your customers.

Market knowledge

One of the most important parts of e-commerce is the knowledge of who your customers
are. How do you interact with them? Do you speak the same language?
All of these things are topics we can help you with. We've done this for companies
like, Corendon and now Microsoft.
If you want more information about this don't hesitate to contact us.