Services – How do we help you?

Power BI Consultancy

Need help with the getting insides into your data? Look what we do!

Social Media

Does Social Media take to much time? Let us help you!

Online Marketing

Do you need help with your online marketing? We have done this before!

Power BI Consultancy

Power BI is an awsome tool to get a better insight into your data.
A comment I often get is 'BI' is difficult, but in the past I've trained +500 people to use Power BI and every one of them was able to use it in a short period.
Often they just need someone to support them in their first hours into BI. After that it gets really easy.

Social media

Social Media is today a powerful method for organizations to reach a target market,
many social platforms have integrated methods to help businesses reach their
But social media takes time, you have to have a good and complete plan of how you
are going to use your social media and what sites you will activate.
We can help you, developing a good social media strategy, improving the response
time and a great new way to contact your customers.

Online marketing

Everyone needs online marketing but how do we actually do it.
I've done the marketing for a lot of "A" brands by now and one thing stays the same.
A lot of marketeers make most decisions based on feelings and instincts.
I'm not one of them... I start from data and aim to show improvement and results based on that data.

In the past I've seen that this tactic works and gets great results. So don't wait but measure your results!